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Does this sound familiar?

"Ugh! My characters all sound the same and writing dialogue feels so forced."

Or perhaps this is you:

  • My dialogue sounds like a Q&A session
  • Info dumping and idiot speech feature heavily in my dialogue
  • I struggle to get background information across to the reader
  •  Lengthy explanations usually end up in the dialogue
  • I overuse adverbs to explain mood or set the tone
  • It isn't always clear who is speaking
  • I am using 'he said' 'she said' way too often
  • My dialogue is slowing the action and pace
  • My characters sound wooden and unnatural
  • My characters all sound similar

You are not alone in experiencing this...

When we study any of our manuscript appraisal reports we notice a pattern of problems that our writers consistently experience when writing dialogue.

So here's what we created for you...

... a guide to perfecting dialogue based on those issues we saw in our reports.  

We detail how to tackle each of these issues - without having to go through the process of a manuscript appraisal first. You can save that for when you think your manuscript is the best it can be and is ready for another pair of eyes!

This guide teaches you how to:

  • Maximise dialogue tags
  • Use action to give your dialogue pace  
  • Leverage white space for realistic dialogue
  • Create conflicts of desire  
  • Avoid idiot speech and exposition overkill
  • Use techniques with dialogue to improve pace

Price: £4.99

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guide to writing dialogue

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